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When Can I Stop Calling This Thing a Phone? Part 2 of 2

According to a report on smart phone usage by Rob Waugh (, making phone calls is now the 5th most popular use for a phone.  The order of popular uses on a smart phone is now:

1. Browsing the Internet
2. Social networking
3. Playing games
4. Listening to music
5. Making phone calls

What if we named other things based on the 5th most popular use?  Here are some ideas of how this naming structure could be carried to other things in our lives:

1. Exercise equipment could now be called “Extremely Expensive and Heavy Clothes Hanger”
2. A gift basket of smelly bath products could now be called “Re-gift Preparedness Kit”
3. A match book could be called “Flammable Wobbly Table Stabilizer”
4. Business cards would be called “Personally branded one sided reminder notes”
5. Duct tape would still be called “Duct Tape”

Taking photographs came in at the 10th most used function of a smart phone.  How might the release of Nokia’s new Lumia 1020 in July 2013 with a 41 megapixel camera and more camera like infrastructure impact the usage of “smart phones” in the near future?